Stocks with IV rank over 70% that are great for selling premium on.

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

  • PDD (Pineduoduo) IV rank: 76.6 with earnings 5/22 pre-market.
  • BIDU (Baidu) IV rank: 76.2 with earnings on 5/18 after-market.
  • GRUB (GrubHub) IV rank: 74.2 after UBER approached the company with a merger deal.
  • JD ( IV rank: 70.9 with earnings on 5/15 pre-market.
  • Honorable mentions:

DOCU (IV Rank: 69.3%)

ZM (IV Rank: 64.9%)

BABA (IV Rank: 63.5%)

Stocks that have high IV ranks are great for selling options on. Option premiums become elevated as implied volatility rises. As a result, you collect more…

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  • Despite an increase in marketplace activity, the company could not convert higher usage numbers into increased profitability.
  • Q1 EPS of .10 cents a share missed .18 cents a share estimate.
  • Total Revenue: 228.1 million, equating to a 34.7% increase YoY( year over year).
  • Gross Profit: 145.6 million, equating to a 24.6% increase YoY, while gross margins contracted 5% over the same period due to the company’s acquisition of the Reverb platform and continued spending in it’s proprietary ad platform “Etsy Ads”.
  • Total operating expenses of 120.3 million, up 41.4% YoY, representing 52.7% of quarter revenue.

John Chapman and Co. 1769 Advertisement

The eighteenth century was marked by an increase in the rate of globalization and growth within the developing nations of the period. In the face of such rapid growth, the slave trade industry was turned into a booming economic engine of growth, one the world had never seen before. Jared Eliot and John Chapman and Co.’s eighteenth-century advertisements in local newspapers painted a harsh reality for the these foreigners being taken to the Americas. …

I suggest watching the video before reading :)

Is the fundamental existence of choice itself the crux of the human race? Jean-Paul Sartre’s “The Wall” explores the issue of accountability in the choices we make when presented with unexpected outcomes . The protagonist Pablo Ibbieta, a prisoner of the Spanish Civil war facing execution along with two other cellmates, is faced with the choice of whether or not to release the location of one of his free compatriots, Ramon Gris. Although Ibbieta ultimately decides to make the choice of lying about his friend’s whereabouts, it becomes evident that…

In a recent interview with Bloomberg, Dropbox CEO Drew Houston briefly touched upon the company’s estimated ten billion dollar valuation, providing some interesting insight into what the future might hold for the digital storage behemoth. In response to a question concerning how the startup would grow its business, Houston replied,

The digital age has been transformed into one surrounding social media and networking. With over a billion monthly active users on sites like Facebook alone, it is hard to argue against social networking being something ubiquitous. These social sites act as gatekeepers for the harboring of online connections between users. These forms of online communication are also not relegated to specific age groups either as more than 73% of online adults today (18-65+) are on some sort of social site (Social Networking Fact Sheet). As more and more people continue to find ways to communicate in the digital world…

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